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Queensland Camera Group Inc

PEOPLE Gaye Edwards



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  • Gloria Wade on 2013-Mar-25 19:13:45 Gloria Wade said

    Lovely portrait, Gaye. Lots of concentration on that interesting face. Hope he wins something on those cards.
  • Ross M on 2013-Mar-26 01:47:50 Ross M said

    Super. Great character shot.
  • Gaye Edwards on 2013-Mar-26 02:09:48 Gaye Edwards said

    When I spoke to him, he was not doing well in the scratchit stakes.
  • Ray Shorter on 2013-Mar-26 04:03:27 Ray Shorter said

    Love this shot, Gaye.
  • Lisa on 2013-Mar-27 09:40:46 Lisa said

    Gaye, this is a great shot. That blue is fantastic against the brown and dark tones (and I like the little echoes of blue in his scratch-its). My only cc is to always remember your background - the pole out of the back of his neck, his chin looks like it’s resting on the black stools behind, and his hat is just a tad lost in the signage behind as it is a similar colour - which can be challenging I know when shooting on the move.
  • Suzanne Mulligan on 2013-Mar-28 00:39:02 Suzanne Mulligan said

    I love the expression on this man's face. I probably couldn't resist talking to him.
  • Gaye Edwards on 2013-Mar-29 04:16:38 Gaye Edwards said

    Agree with your comment re background, Lisa. I tried and tried to make it better. But time was limited and there were so many obstructions (posts and rails and people). I got some of him with unobtrusive background, but they are from the side over his shoulder and you don't see that great face. (I might try some Photoshopping of the chairs etc .... )

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