Hello there, and great job on finding this page.  If you’re new to the Queensland Camera Group we’ll share a secret with you:  there are three ways to improving your photography.  The first is putting your camera in your hands and going out and using it.  Daily!  The second is YouTube.  University of YouTube has taught all of us so much. 

The third way to improve your photography is the most important. 

It’s learning from each other, and that is what QCG is all about.  Here we share our most useful insights, from guest speakers, judges and fellow members.  But unlike the University of YouTube, the people featured here are people we know, trust and see on a regular basis. 

Want to improve your photography?  Read on to see the insights shared by our members and mentors.

Tips for Travel and Street Photography by Peter Aitchison

Peter Aitchison is a renowned travel and street photographer whose work is widely collected and hung in various prestigious UK galleries.  QCG President Anne Pappalardo will be undertaking a photo walk in Manchester, England, with Peter later in July, and took the opportunity to ask Pete a few quick questions that might help us to improve our travel and street photography:

 People (in the shot) or no people?

Hmmm too general …. If the shot works it works.

 Best tip for asking to take a stranger’s portrait?

Smile!! Show the camera, be upfront.

Tell them why you want to take the pic, tell them they look great.

 What’s in your kit and why?

Ok I shoot Fuji …. Don’t like the company but the gear is good.

XPro 2’s and X100F.

I only use prime lenses.

 Favourite country for street and travel photography?

Wow that’s tough… but I have got to go with India.

 Black and white or colour?


I tend to look at countries in BW or colour …. So for instance, India colour (but not portraits).

Paris BW, NY BW, Manchester BW ….. etc

But again it’s general and if the question means what do I prefer it’s going to be a good, contrasty BW.

 Do you lean more towards art or journalism in your shots?

I like to think art but I def have a journey streak in me from my press days.

 Best travel and street photographic tip.

Wear great shoes!


Pete’s exhibition at Gateway Gallery has just concluded but his images from that exhibition (a beautiful mix of Manchester street shots and travel portraits) can be found here:

In late October/early November Pete will take a small group to Rajasthan, India to attend the annual five-day festival that is the Pushkar Camel Fair.  Festivities include moustache-length competitions and camel races, and there’s even a camel beauty pageant - an incredible spectacle and a photographers dream!  The trip also takes in Delhi, Jodphur which is known for its intense blue buildings and brightly dressed locals, as well as Udaipur for a few days to explore this Holy City with its magnificent lakes and temples.

If you’d like to join in full details can be found here:

Image from Pete’s current trip where he’s working Las Vegas in 100 degree temps.

Image from Pete’s current trip where he’s working Las Vegas in 100 degree temps.