Here you’ll see members’ images which have received high awards in competitions, with most recent near the top of the page. Also see samples of images taken at monthly Portrait Group workshops and some Club Photoshoots. Click images to enlarge.

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Breakfast Photoshoot with Bird & Portrait Workshops

28 July 2019 Oxley Creek Common

Portrait Group

20 July 2019 Mark & Mannix

Movement & Open

Competition 18 July 2019

Merits & Honours awarded by Bob Britcher

Club Photoshoot

30 June 2019 - Phil Hill Environmental Park, Paradise Point, Gold Coast Qld

People & Open

Competition 20 June 2019

Merits & Honours awarded by Ben Stoffl

Transportation & Open

Competition 16 May 2019

Merits & Honours awarded by Tryg Helander


Portrait Group

15 June 2019


Portrait Group

18 May 2019

Architecture & Open

Competition 17 April 2019

Merits & Honours awarded by Sue Gordon

My Brisbane & Open

Competition 21 March 2019

Merits & Honours awarded by Lisa Kurtz


Portrait Group

16 March 2019


Portrait Group

16 February 2019

Models Ashka, John

Scapes & Open

Competition 21 February 2019

Merits and Honours awarded by Paul Tilley


Major Award Winners 2018 Annual DPIs




Social Documentary