prism draft.jpg

Prism 345

September 2019

“August was a terrific month for the Queensland Camera Group … “

Prism 344

August 2019

“August already! A very big welcome to these new members … “ Note: click HERE to view the front page of the very first QCG Prism Newsletter! Released August 1962.

Prism 343

July 2019

“QCG we need to talk!!”

Prism 342

June 2019

“April might have been a slower month at QCG but May certainly picked up the pace and June is going to be a knockout!!! “

Prism 341

May 2019

“April was a slower month for the Queensland Camera Group, but still busy enough!”

Prism 340

Apr 2019

Your new look newsletter!

Prism 339

March 2019

“Hello and welcome to the March edition of Prism, with an extra warm welcome to new members . . . “

Prism 338

Feb 2019

“Hello and welcome to a brand-new QCG year. I hope you have all had the opportunity to rest and relax over the Christmas/New Year period with opportunities here and there to pursue your photography . . .”