Hello there, and great job on finding this page.  If you’re new to the Queensland Camera Group we’ll share a secret with you:  there are three ways to improving your photography.  The first is putting your camera in your hands and going out and using it.  Daily!  The second is YouTube.  University of YouTube has taught all of us so much. 

The third way to improve your photography is the most important. 

It’s learning from each other, and that is what QCG is all about.  Here we share our most useful insights, from guest speakers, judges and fellow members.  But unlike the University of YouTube, the people featured here are people we know, trust and see on a regular basis. 

Want to improve your photography?  Read on to see the insights shared by our members and mentors.

What QCG has given me - by member Roger Bartlett

I joined QCG in 2013 to improve my photography, and to meet people with a similar interest. It is fair to say, while we may not always socialise outside of QCG functions, I count fellow members as close friends.

When I look back at my earlier photographs, to what I am doing now, I can say that my photography has improved immensely. Judges’ comments, for example from moving 2 – 3 steps to the left, or right, can make a huge difference. Taking it to the extreme can take away a tree growing out of a person’s head. It has taught me the effects that cropping can have, to using light. Fellow member Ray Shorter’s evenings on Lightroom are always most interesting.

I was fortunate to take out top prizes at my first convention in 2014 for a photograph taken in Spain titled “Life at #3”, to having won the club still life print, single pear, in 2016, to the Black and White print of the year in 2018.